The history of Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa in Sardinia dates back years and millennia.

Millennia because the Ancient Romans, as can be seen in the splendid town of Nora in Sardinia just a few minutes away from Forte Village Resort, already knew about the benefits of thermal baths by the sea.

And years, because twenty-five years ago the medical team at Forte Village, led by Dr. Angelo Cerina, revolutionized the world of thalassotherapy, creating a totally original and extraordinarily effective method for detoxing, rejuvenating and improving the body.

This method has been made even more exclusive with the help of the best specialists in sports, aesthetic and dietary medicine, in the ultra-modern Forte Lab and Performance Center facilities. A method, in the end, that only exists in the heart.



Thalassotherapy in Sardinia

Acquaforte Thalasso Spa thalassotherapy is based on the revolutionary principle of sea water at different temperatures and different saline densities.

Ayurvedic Park & Yoga

Ancient Ayurvedic medicine has found a new home at Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa. The same gentleness, the same intensity, the same wisdom. The result is our splendid Ayurvedic Park in the most secluded corner of our garden. Massages, yoga lessons, pilates. The body, relaxes, it listens, and it is happy.



Aesthetic Medicine Center

A relaxed, luminous, ageless face. To energize the skin and forget the signs of aging, we offer the latest technology and cosmetic treatments....

Private Spa

The ultimate in privacy, a new luxurious ‘Private SPA’, located within the Acquaforte Spa.


Health Takes Time Finally you have time for a complete check-up Forte Lab has a dedicated team of medical nutritionists and naturopaths who study the best diet for each guest.