General terms and conditions for sports travel providers


§ 1 Recognition of the general terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions (GTC) apply exclusively to all services, deliveries and offers provided by By visiting (hereinafter referred to as the web portal) by Fredy Scharkowski (hereinafter referred to as, using the website and associated services from, the visitor accepts these general terms and conditions. does not recognize any other general terms and conditions.


§ 2 service publishes advertisements for sports trips from sports ice cream providers and compiles them for web portal users who want to book a sports trip (hereinafter referred to as sports travelers) for viewing and booking. The publication of the advertisements includes an overview of offer data with price in possible booking periods as well as the possibility of direct booking with the sports travel provider. Parties to a subsequent travel contract for a sports trip are exclusively the sports travel provider and the sports traveler, but not


 § 3 registration

The use of the web portal requires registration for the sports travel provider. Personal data is transmitted here. The sports travel provider assures that he provides truthful and complete information. The data must be kept up-to-date by the sports ice cream provider  is entitled to temporarily or permanently exclude sports travel providers from using the web portal in the event of false or incomplete information.

With the registration, sports travel providers receive their own account on the web portal. This is protected by a password determined by the sports travel provider or automatically generated. The sports travel provider is obliged to treat his account data confidentially and, if necessary, to report abuse by third parties to

For the sports traveler, personal contact details must be sent in order to contact the sports travel provider and the booking process.

At the same time, the sports traveler agrees that after a booking has been sent, a free registration will take place and a sports traveler account will be created in which the sports traveler can manage his personal inquiries, the wish list and his profile.


§ 4 advertisements and prices

Sports travel providers are able to advertise sports travel to sports travelers via the web portal. The sports travel provider has to pay a fee to for the advertisement. The marketing fee is 10% of the total booked travel price (see § 6). The sports travel provider can post descriptions and images of a sports trip (accommodation + sports services) per advertisement as well as prices in EURO (€) for accommodation and sports services in variable travel times. The sports travel provider assures that the descriptions and images as well as other submitted material are free of third party rights, in particular copyrights and trademark rights. Furthermore, the sports travel provider assures that neither the descriptions, the images nor any other submitted material contain criminal content, pornography or coarse language. The sports travel provider or publisher is responsible for the content of the descriptions and images. is entitled to shorten, summarize or not publish the submitted materials such as images or descriptions. Furthermore, due to the necessary compression, color losses or display deviations in size or ratio can occur in the image. The sports travel provider hereby agrees.

The sports travel provider grants a non-exclusive, sublicensable, free, transferable, worldwide license for the use of any content of the advertisement published by the sports travel provider on the web portal. This license ends when the sports travel provider deletes the published content individually (proportionally with regard to the removed content) or the entire advertisement from the web portal or the contractual relationship ends.

The payment modalities are based on the respectively valid conditions of and can be found on the web portal.

The sports traveler incurs no costs for using the web portal.


§ 5 conclusion of contract

By submitting an advertisement to, the sports travel provider submits an offer to advertise a holiday accommodation. The contract is concluded either through the approval of or through the publication of the advertisement on the web portal. is entitled to reject advertisements without giving reasons.

The duration of the contract is based on the respectively valid conditions of is entitled to remove the sports travel provider's advertisement from the offer if circumstances become known that make further advertisement unreasonable for This is particularly the case if well-founded complaints from sports travelers about the sports trip become known. If the circumstances can be canceled, the sports travel provider can request that the advertisement be re-uploaded. The sports travel provider must provide evidence of the storage. The interruption of the advertisement constitutes neither an extension of the duration of the advertisement nor a claim for payment.


§ 6 Marketing Fees & Booking Process

1. The marketing fee is 10% of the booked travel price.

2. After a binding booking, the traveler receives a from

Travel confirmation with the travel price. calculates the sports traveler a deposit of 10% of the travel price, which is due immediately.

3. After a binding booking, the sports travel provider receives a from

Travel confirmation with the travel price, the booking data with the booked travel services and the contact details of the sports traveler (s). The sports travel provider sends the Sports travelers his  Invoice with its terms and conditions. The sports traveler has to the sports travel provider remaining 90% of the travel price to be paid. The sports travel provider coordinates with the Sports travelers the necessary dates and modalities of the booked sports services (Courses, green fees,  Equipment, applications).

 4. The sports travel provider informs immediately of any Disturbance of this process.


§ 7 Liability and Indemnification is not liable for damage or other claims arising from the contractual relationship between the sports travel provider and the sports traveler. does not become a contractual partner in the contract between the sports travel provider and the sports traveler. The activity of is limited to the publication of advertisements.

From the contractual relationship with, is only liable for damage from slightly negligent breach of duty for the foreseeable average damage typical for the contract. The liability for vicarious agents and legal representatives of applies accordingly. If the contractual partner is an entrepreneur within the meaning of § 14 BGB, not liable for the breach of non-essential contractual obligations in a slightly negligent manner. Otherwise, the statutory provisions apply.

The limitations of liability in paragraph 2 do not apply

1. if a guarantee is breached

2. in the event of a violation of the Product Liability Act

3. in the absence of a guaranteed quality

4. for claims that arose from malicious behavior on the part of

5. in the case of liability for a guaranteed quality feature and

6. in the event of injury to life, body or health


In the event that is exceeded by claims of third parties or due to the misuse of an account by third parties due to the submitted material as well as images and descriptions of the sports travel provider or contributions of the sports travel provider or other contribution by users of the web portal, the sports travel provider shall provide free from these claims. Furthermore, the sports travel provider reimburses the damage from necessary legal defense against third-party claims based on the material submitted by the sports travel provider, as well as images and descriptions. The same applies to further claims from actions or injuries for which the sports travel provider is responsible.


§ 8 Availability of the web portal / changes endeavors to ensure seamless availability of the web portal. Nevertheless, there may be temporary failures, e.g. for maintenance reasons. The temporary failure of the web portal does not entitle any claims against is also entitled to change the functions and design of the web portal without this affecting the contract.


§ 9 final provisions is entitled to change the content of the terms and conditions without giving reasons with the consent of the sports travel provider. The changed conditions will be sent to the sports travel provider by email no later than two weeks before they come into force. If the sports travel provider does not object to the validity of the new terms and conditions within four weeks of receiving the email, the changed terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted. The consent to the change in the contract is deemed to have been given unless the sports travel provider objects to the change in writing within four weeks of receipt of the notification of change. committed.


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