Whatever your sport preference is, Forte Village offers every guest large areas, regulatory fields and the best coaches, thus allowing you to dedicate yourself to your favorite sport during your vacation in Sardinia. Discover the pleasure of working out in the open air, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Sardinia that will amaze you with its views, fragrances and landscapes.

In addition to the most practiced sports, Forte Village offers boxingfencing, and triathlon courses and water sports, in this way you can choose whether to discover a new discipline or continue with your usual training.

Every year, Forte Village organizes various sports Academies: specific training courses and personalized training sessions with great international champions who are exclusive guests at the resort.


Diving in Sardinia

The sea around Forte Village is a scuba-diving paradise. Weave your way around corals, reefs and wartime wrecks and see sponges, octopus and scorpionfish.

 Forte Village Sport Academies  

Water sports in Sardinia

Nothing's more fun than messing about in a boat! Come to the Boat House on the beach at Forte Village and you'll find everything you could need to have fun on the water - catamarans, canoes, pedalos, windsurf boards and dinghies.

Triathlon Forte Village